It’s there every time you look at your vehicle. It could be the smallest scratch, or slightest spot of rust. But, regardless of its size, it takes away from the enjoyment you get from your vehicle.

Let Leons expertly repair imperfections across the entire surface of your vehicle. Whether we need to strip the area, repair and repaint it, or just touch-up the finish with perfectly matched paint colours.


Depending on the severity of the dent, Leons offers Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) that ‘massages’ the dent from the inside until it disappears. PDR saves time, money and keeps your car completely original.

Deeper dents are treated by straightening the panel, expertly filling the dented area and using Leons miracle-system dent puller. In all cases, your dent disappears.


Your bumper takes a lot of abuse so the rest of your car doesn’t have to. But the damage can affect the overall appearance of your car.

Some can scratches can be repaired with a wet sanding and polish.

More serious bumper repairs may need epoxies, plastic welders, heat and good old-fashioned know-how delivered by our skilled technicians. Regardless of what it takes, your long-suffering bumpers are restored to original condition and finished with computer-matched paint and clearcoat.


We are a Toronto Authorized Celette® Collision Repair Shop, specializing in all aluminum body repair for Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Bentley, Jaguar and Land Rover.

Utilizing Celette® equipment enables us to repair and align structural parts to a level of accuracy which would otherwise be nearly impossible.

For complete details on our aluminum auto repair services click here.


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